Donald Palmer


Born in Chattanooga Tennessee in 1934, he celebrated his 80th Birthday in April 2014, as one of the Honorees at the Alzheimer’s Association, “Creating Hope” Gala In Newport Beach , California. He and his wife Arline of 61 years in March 2014, have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. They all live in Southern California. They met in Jr. High School in 1950 and eloped to Las Vegas in 1953, when they were teenagers, still in High School.

 His compassion for finding a cure for the dreaded disease of Alzheimer’s, comes from he and his wife Arline experiencing her father as a victim of the disease and her mother as a care-taker, go through years of dealing with a disease where the victim dies twice. The author made a commitment years ago to himself, that he would like to be in the position someday, to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

 He began his career in the 40’s at the age of 8, selling papers and shining shoes on the streets of Chattanooga, Tennessee. His first dream to play professional baseball in the big leagues with the Yankees ended in 1955 with a back injury while in the minor leagues. Since then, among other things, he has been a Milk Man, an Encyclopedia Salesman, Advertising Salesman, an owner and breeder of race horses, an Advertising Executive, a Publisher, a Television Producer, a Television Facilities Owner, and an Author.

 His career has included, years with the Los Angeles Times, The Hearst Corporation, other newspapers, Magazines and Television Production Companies. Among his accomplishments, he has won awards with his newspapers and as the producer of the religious television special, “How To Change Your Life” in 1984, Co-Hosted by Robert Stack and Della Reese.

 Along the way he found the time to be the Chairman of a PGA Golf Tournament, breed and race thoroughbreds, and has written 3 autobiographical books. His first book, “Memories of a Chattanooga Street Kid” became a regional best seller in Tennessee. His second book, “The Memorable Fifties” is a sequel telling the story of how he met his wife Arline. His third and new book, "Driven by the Passion to Own Race Horses" is autobiographical as well.

 At age 81, he still operates his own television program distribution business and he as well still owns and operates a thoroughbred racing stable and still is involved in the thoroughbred breeding business. He has several more books on his bucket list he intends to write before he “hangs it up” as he says, and he has the dream of making a movie based on his books. His most recent book is the one you are now reading.

 His philosophy has long been, to “live every day to the fullest, as if it may be your last day, and leave no expression of love and gratitude unsaid………. and "To God Be The Glory.

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